What is the BTC(Bitcoin)

After the 2008 crisis, the person or persons named Satoshi Nakamato published milk technical articles on Bitcoin, an end-to-end electronic payment system. Thus, Bitcoin emerged as a decentralized, tertiary tamper-proof cryptocurrency. It entered the public network in 2009. Subsequently, Bitcoin was named the “1st generation blockchain” as the first successful cryptocurrency.

It transformed into the financial order of financial transformation. While it is possible to track transactions entering the Bitcoin network, it is impossible to obtain that the transaction has been processed. Confirmed transactions on the Bitcoin Blockchain network, reversal from the chain structure, and these transactions cannot be changed.

Since it cannot be regulated or controlled, the value of Bitcoin has increased from zero to the learning dollar. After the rise of Bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies have emerged. These currencies are called “alternative money”, in other words, “sub money”. In the alternative crypto money variety, the competitive advantage has been used by different owners in various deficiencies and new market types have emerged. Examples of these codes are the maximum amount of money that can be generated, algorithm, blockchain subtypes (private / shared, authorized / unauthorized consensus).

The size of Bitcoin that can be produced on the Bitcoin blockchain platform is 21 million units. Bitcoin end-to-end, address-to-address transfer is suspended, and the block generation time is approximately 10 minutes.

Above bitcoin addresses are their identities on the platform. They cannot be associated with the person making the transaction and the keys of these addresses are lost and no rights can be claimed on the addresses.


What Are The Advantages Of Bitcoin?

There are many advantages to using Bitcoin as well as various risks. Its main advantages are low risk of inflation and collapse, simple, reliable and anonymous. The fact that money transfers are safer, cheaper and faster than traditional methods is an important advantage of Bitcoin. You can reach your Bticoins worth millions of liras from anywhere you have access to a wallet. There is no way to carry such large amounts of money with cash or any other method that easily. The fact that the transactions made and your account balance are not known and controlled by any person / persons or the state and bank also provides some advantages.

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